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The Supply Chain Alliance

The Chain is a design, develop and manufacturing company, that designs a wide range of electronic and mechanical products mainly for the telecommunications infrastructure industry.  Most of these products are used as part of telemetry systems (e.g. remote monitoring / management systems).  We provide customised solutions for our customers where standard off-the-shelf equipment is often not capable of fulfilling all the necessary requirements, e.g. not being reliable enough, not strong enough, not measuring accurately enough, or lack certain functionality or features required by the customer.

Some problems require unique solutions, and providing innovative solutions to these problems is one of our main strengths.

Our products include (but is not limited to) the following applications:

We have supplied many thousands of pressure probes, magnetostrictive fuel level probes, digital power probes (integrated current, voltage, power measuring type), high-strength gate locks with integrated access control as well as other products, that are being used in various countries throughout Africa.

One of the main reasons why customers use our products, is our willingness to assist our customers during their system development phase and proof of concept phases.  Whether it is technical advice, helping them understand what realistic expectations to have regarding measurement accuracy, or customizing our firmware / software to better suit their needs – we are always there to assist.  And when it comes to large scale systems roll-out, we provide excellent product support when necessary.

We also have the equipment and ability to manufacture structural components for building towers, solar panel arrays, fences etc.